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Friday, September 2, 2011


The purpose of Young El Paso Singers is to provide a positive and motivational opportunity for all youth of El Paso, Texas to be educated in, and develop skills for, choral and vocal arts, resulting in community performance offerings of excellence; demonstrating musicianship, vocal skill, artistry and unity of purpose.


  1. The vision for Young El Paso Singers includes, but is not limited to, regular rehearsals where focus and discipline is balanced with enthusiasm and fun.
  2. Choral techniques and voice building will be a major component of all rehearsals, along with education and reinforcement of music theory, musicianship, artistic communication skills, scientific understanding of the vocal mechanism and performance skills.
  3. Rehearsals will ultimately lead to performance opportunities made available to the El Paso community at no cost, particularly focusing on children and youth organizations seeking uplifting choral offerings at their locations or events.
  4. Full scale concerts will be offered to the community free of charge, demonstrating choral skill and development, as well as enthusiasm for singing in a choral group.
  5. Standards of excellence will be maintained, as well as developing teamwork and discipline for the craft.


  1. The Young El Paso Singers will instill first and foremost a love for music. Discipline to the craft is an imperative and will help foster a sense of accomplishment as hard work results in successful performances.
  2. All participants will engage in respectful behavior towards one another, the staff, and the Board of Directors. Clearly defined rules and regulations for participation will be outlined and enforced. An atmosphere of cooperation and teamwork will be maintained.
  3. The Young El Paso Singers will be inclusive of all youth, regardless of economic, religious, ethnic, education, or any other sociological difference, and respect for same will be required.
  4. The Young El Paso Singers, through their community offerings, will be encouraged to and maintain a sense of duty and joy in giving to others throughout the region, fostering a commitment to ongoing community and charitable service.


    1. The name of this organization shall be Young El Paso Singers. 
    2. This organization shall be a self-funding educational entity; establishing its own bank account, line item budget, Board of Directors, fund raising revenues, purchase of required materials, and compensation for staff. 
    1. Young El Paso Singers exists for children and youth to promote, develop, and maintain a high level of appreciation and education in Vocal and Choral Arts through disciplined rehearsals and preparation for performance events offered to the community;
    2. Young El Paso Singers exists to instill enthusiasm and individual reward within El Paso youth through the exploration of their unique talents and gifts;
    3. Young El Paso Singers exists to encourage leadership, teamwork, and unity amongst youth through cooperation towards a shared goal of excellence and enjoyment of music endeavors;
    4. Young El Paso Singers exists to provide uplifting and high caliber performance offerings to the community of El Paso, Texas.
    1. The Artistic Director and Accompanist for this organization shall be named with the approval of the Board of Directors, subject to interview and audition. Compensation for these positions will derive from fund raising resources secured by the Board, Artistic Director, singers and their families, and grant procurements
    2. Policy Statements, Job Descriptions, compensation, and other documents and elements effecting this organization shall be developed and approved by the Board of Directors
    3. Dissolution of this organization will be based upon the recommendation of the Board of Directors


  • President: David Huerta
  • Vice President: Willie Brown
  • Secretary: Alicia Martinez
  • Treasurer: Melody Dunn
  • ToniSue Duckett, Nina Gomez, Sandra Welch

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